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Lauren Brown and Sondra Rosenberg began developing and leading intensive art-based workshops together in 2008. Each workshop focuses on a particular art medium or theme, designed to give participants an experience of deep self-reflection while learning about a new approach to making art.

Since Lauren's relocation from Philadelphia to Charlotte in 2014, they have both continued to offer workshops under the name of Pink House Studios. As soon as they learn to teleport, they will offer the workshops together once more. 


HomeSkooled Gallery was the playful brainchild of Lauren Brown, Kathryn Sclavi, Kevin Schott, and Ellen Owens. Through collaboration with local groups, HomeSkooled Gallery (HSG) created welcoming spaces for the community to interact with contemporary art. These experiences empowered people to create, share, and value their own works as artistic expressions. From 2009-2011, HSG hosted over twenty arts events in venues throughout Philadelphia. The HSG group chose the exhibited artworks and crafted the experiences.


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